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Camp Mount Luther invites you to be part of a fundraiser for camp that is being sponsored by Lutheran Outdoor Ministries.  Sixteen Lutheran camps from across the country, including CML, are looking for folks to run/walk/rollerblade/bike/ski/wheelchair (whatever!) on Sunday, November 1, 2020.  You will enter with a $25 registration fee and then you can also get at least five sponsors for your 5K with all proceeds going to Camp Mount Luther.  This is also a fundraiser for the Lutheran Outdoor Ministries organization as Camp Mount Luther has paid an entry fee to be part of this event.  Your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors -- whomever you identify -- will fill out a form and they will then be directed to make a gift to your camp. The one form for ALL CAMPS & RETREAT CENTERS will make this whole thing go smoothly. Promise. Every single nickel pledged/given in support of YOU will go directly to Camp Mount Luther.  Then, during your 5K on November 1, you will send a selfie of yourself while you are out on the road, or the trail, or wherever.  And there are plans to have a virtual finish line as well.   Be part of this exciting new opportunity for LOM and Camp Mount Luther!  To sign up as a 5k’er, visit    (copy and paste link)